Technology and Gadget Predictions for 2050!

We fast forward, 42 years into the future, a bleak vision for some of us when remembering the first “super-computer” as people shrieked and ...

We fast forward, 42 years into the future, a bleak vision for some of us when remembering the first “super-computer” as people shrieked and fled in terror, almost convinced that the “super-computer” will dominate human life. But let’s face it, it was the size of a small house and answered algebraic equation’s in minutes, just like the calculator can in seconds.

However, we have pondered and paced the garden thinking of what possible catastrophes can be applauded in 42 years? This is what we came up with:

The Flying Car

Since Moller released its “SkyCar M400X,” in 2003, it has failed to succeed. But this has only opened the door to new technology! Currently, there exists various patented, “Flying Cars”, but, again have failed to “take off” (No pun intended). But on a serious note – we have unearthed and have estimated that by 2050 no current car will be drivable! Now this might be because of the “Carbon Emissions,” law, which might rule out every gas powered vehicle. So move over gas, and welcome “Electric” power. Okay its hardly new, but we have listed an electric car that will give the Dodge Spider a run for its money!

Stop drooling…It’s called the Mazda Kaan, (yes it’s a Mazda) and it is “electric,” but do you want to know the best bit? It can drive up to mega top speeds of 250mph and it is soon appearing in the E1 – the Formula One of electric cars. In case you were wondering what those orange rims are…yep…you’ve guessed it – they’re wheels! So innovation in the making, it won’t be long until this thing will be able to fly.


“Introducing, the new (2050) iPhone, with integrated, hologram, voice call.” Can you imagine this by 2050, or perhaps sooner? For many of us who watched the “Obama/McCain,” US election on CNN, we might of noticed a hologram of a female reporter. However, this used a few cameras on a 360 degree axis, and one very large “green screen,” to create the illusion. Nevertheless, it has created some media in the process, and now questions remain…when will we see, and use holograms?

George Lucas might be smug as he created the same techniques on Star Wars!


Ever heard of Quantum Teleportation? Now this is in progress at present and consists of transporting one entity to another geographical location. This may seem impossible but scientific research has found this is quite conceivable indeed.

Okay, all you need to get started is a “Transporter!” This could be anything, from a mobile handset to a complete array of electronic plates and a lot of Duracell batteries. However, silly as it might sound it has surpassed notion and is soon to be in development. So let’s all hope in 2050 teleportation could be made public! On the failier of the big “Red Phone Box.” Blue phone boxes might take their place, in the form of a Dardis.


Houses are already failing to meet the needs to be energy efficient so all homes will be totally green by 2050.

A normal house in the city, suburb or country, will predominately look the same. It’ll have solar panel roofing, wind turbines in the yard, a “flying car” landing pad and a garage for your teleport.

However, you will have a house robot that will assist you on your daily errands – helping to take out the garbage, prepare the food, beam up the teleport – practically anything. All you have to do is sit back in your eco home without worrying about the sky high electric bills because you have already invested into solar power.


Now that were living in the year 2050 why can’t we have a futuristic toilet…well one for it would be insanely boring! There is no point going into the complexities of the matter when when it comes to using the toilet it is more of a functional experience. Well move over practical as the future is set to put some fun into using the good old lav.

Hold! Aim! Fire! yes, that’s right, its the game that you can pee all over. Play games as you pee, with such classics as “bullseye.” Bare in mind, these games consist of skill, accuracy, and “PE-resistance.” If your stuck on a level be sure not to cheat and peak in another guys urinal it might reap bad consequences…do you think it will catch on in the future? Who knows?! I mean, they made Take That popular again so anything is possible!


Robots might already be here and especially if you have read my review on Gaj-it “Robots taking over the world.” But today a robot’s limits are only to its creator and whatever its master wants. So far, we have acting robots – I know, it won’t make much of a film – we also have robots which can mimic facial expressions. But when, where, and why, will we get to see and use, a robot that can go to the fridge, pull out a Bud so you can sit back and amuse yourself on the latest release of the PlayStation 27.

However, Robots are picking up pace, and seem to grow immensely superior. So expect Robots to be already here by 2050, and themselves, picking their artificial brains, trying to uncover new technology, before 2050?


Now James Bond has gave such a large contribution, that it deserves a category on its own. But where to start as the list of gadgets and gizmo’s is so vast. When we say that the pen is mightier than the sword, we really mean it!

A watch with a laser on it? not Practical, but I’m sure you’ll find it in everyday use. Rings that can shatter bullet proof glass at a twist. A jet pack, for the business man, to get to work on time. Even X-ray glasses for the shop keeper to keep an eye on those youths exiting his shop. Can we see James Bonds’ array of gadgets in 2050, I think yes!


Comp…What? That’s right, by 2050, computers will no longer be called “computers”, it will have a new name, which would have already served its purpose. We predict that by 2050, computers will evolved enough that they will be monitoring themselves to find a new product, and we will be sitting back, relaxing and waiting until it does. However, Windows will no longer be call “Windows,” instead it will be called, “force field” because let’s face it, we have all this new technology, that we don’t need glass, Upvc windows any more. We can just deactivate a force field, whenever we want to let a little air in.

We predict that, keyboards will be a thing of the past, and we would use “touch screen,” and with many of us with larger roles in IT, will be using Minority Report style gloves to control programmes.

Fountain of Youth

The secret to eternal youth is out folks. Apparently according to boffins, they have found “growth” cells, which all help us age. What they have done is not remove, but reduced its length in order to help us grow old slowly. Now with that being said, I am currently writing a list called “Technology and Gadgets in 2150,” it might just be possible, that we’re all round then.

Stay tuned into Gaj-it and keep up to date


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