Jail-break your itouch/iphone

For those who are not familiar with what Jail-breaking is, its a procedure of duplicating the itouch/iphone OS so that your itunes syncs ap...

For those who are not familiar with what Jail-breaking is, its a procedure of duplicating the itouch/iphone OS so that your itunes syncs apps that you have downloaded from anywhere other than the itunes store.
This Jailbreak is applicable only to the ipsw-4.2.1 version (the latest till date, so get your OS updated through itunes). Once downloaded you should be able to locate the ipsw in C:\Documents and Settings\Username\Application Data\Apple Computer\iTunes\iPod Software Updates\
Copy->paste the ipsw to an other location.
Now the first step -
* Keep your device connected.
* You will need a software called snowbreeze-2.2.1 which will duplicate your ipsw and adds a app called cydia which helps you sync your apps.
(snowbreeze-2.2.1 can be downloaded fromhttp://hotfile.com/dl/115082695/5a6d073/sn0wbreeze-v2.2.1.zip.html)
* Run snowbreeze -> click OK -> close credits -> click the blue icon to the right bottom and you should be in front of a window as below
* Now click browse -> select the copied ipsw -> click next -> once it identifies your ipsw click next again -> choose simple mode n click next again.
* Wait till the whole process finishes and follow the instructions.
*Now you have a ipsw created by snowbreeze. (will be placed on the desktop by default)
*Open itunes-> hold shift and click update/repair/recover -> select the ipsw that snowbreeze produced and let it complete recovering.
Now the second phase-
People with wifi just start the cyder app in your itouch. People without wifi follow the process below :
* You will have to download a software called cyder. (http://www.mediafire.com/?myzmjnog3cz)
* Put the software in a pen drive. (very important)
* Start cyder.exe. In the sources tab enter http://cydia.hackulo.us//Packages and click apply.
* Now go to the packages tab and choose AppSync for 4.0+ and Installous 4 and click the download selected option.
* Navigate your way to the Synchronization page and select which apps you want to install.

* Click the button that directs you to ‘Cydia Autoinstallation’. [NOTE: Sometimes you press click this, nothing happens. Just reconnect the cable into the iPod Touch and try again, rinse and repeat]
*  Click the button that syncs your apps from the PC/Mac to the iPod Touch.
* REBOOT your iPod Touch.
* Respring your iPod Touch.
* There you go!!!!

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