WEP cracking with Fern WIFI Cracker - Almost To Easy!

Warning!  If you want to learn about using Aircrack-ng, Linux, network and so on do not use this tutorial. If you just want to crack a WEP ...

If you want to learn about using Aircrack-ng, Linux, network and so on do not use this tutorial. If you just want to crack a WEP network without learning anything this is the tutorial for you!

Fern Wifi Cracker is a GUI for Aircrack-ng, it makes cracking WEP it so damn simple. I’m on Backtrack 4 here and the only thing you will need download and installing Fern Wifi cracker is to open the terminal and use these two commands: (if you on another distro you might need to install some packets first )

wget http://fern-wifi-cracker.googlecode.com/files/Fern-Wifi-Cracker_1.2_all.deb
dpkg -i Fern-Wifi-Cracker_1.2_all.deb

To start the program go to:

The first time you open Fern Wifi cracker, you’ll need to update it from 1.2 to version 1.5. You will see the text New update is Available

1. Click the Update button

[Image: snapshot1_tilpasset.png]

Wait for the update to be installed. You will see the text Please Restart application

2. Shutdown the application and start it back up again

[Image: snapshot2_tilpasse.png]

You will now see the text Latest update is already installed

3. Click the dropdown list Select interface

4. Select the interface you want to use

[Image: snapshot3_tilpasse.png]

After a minute a popup will open.

5. Click the Ok bottom

[Image: snapshot4_tilpasse.png]

The next part might be unnecessary, but it’s my personally experience that cracking a network with connected client is much easier then without. Since this is a beginner tutorial I will not go in to why.

6. Doubleclick in any area of the main window

7. A window call Access Point Scan Preferences opens

8. Click the Enable XTerms checkbox

9. Click the Ok bottom

[Image: snapshot5_tilpasse.png]

Let’s start sniffing for Accesspoint nearby.

10. Click the Scan bottom

[Image: snapshot6_tilpasse.png]

If you did the part with enabling XTerm - two popups will appear. Since this tutorial will only show WEP cracking you can close the one named FERN (WPA SCAN). Now let’s have a look at the window called FERN (WEP SCAN). We need a accesspoint with a client connected to it. At the top half of the screen we see all the accesspoints in the area, and a lot of information about them. At the bottom of the window we see that a client is connected to a Accesspoint with the BSSID 00:13:f7:61:24:DA. If we compare this list in the top of the screen we will see that the name of this Accesspoint is SMC.So now we know that the accesspoint SMC have a client connected.

11. Close the window FERN (WEP SCAN)

[Image: snapshot7_tilpasse.png]

12. Click the WEP button

The window Fern WEP Attack opens.

13. Click the dropdown list at the top of the window

14. Select the access point SMC that we found before

[Image: snapshot9_tilpasse.png]

15. Click the Attack bottom and wait for the magic to happen.

If you did the part with enabling Xterm, two additional windows will open, just leave them be.

[Image: snapshot10_tilpasse.png]

Sit back and wait for the key to the network to appear!

[Image: snapshot13.png]

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  2. when i update fern and try to reopen it, terminal tells me permission denied, im quite new to this software, but i am using kali linux

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