God Recruit the World Best Developer(inventor of C) , Dennis Ritchie Died

This post is dedicated to Dennis Ritchie.  #include int main () { if ( date ==" 08.10.2011 ") { printf (" Dennis left t...

This post is dedicated to Dennis Ritchie. 

int main()
printf("Dennis left the world ");
return sad;

Conversation between god and Dennis Ritchie:

Ritchie: Why did you recruit me?

Men in this world breached the security of Earth(polutted). So it is going to end soon.
We planned to build better Matrix World than the earth.
We need best security so that it can't be breached.
You have invented the C and helped to develop the UNIX(Secure Operating system ever). 
We believe you are the NEO(one), you can help us to develop a Matrix world that can't be breached.

Ritchie: What about Steve Jobs?

God:  He started his work already. It is your turn Ritchie. 

Let us build Secure Matrix World.

I(We) miss you so much Mr.Dennis Ritchie.  I am very big fan of your Language and the UNIX(The most secure Operating System).
I started my programming career with C(The Greatest language ever).

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