Top 3 free Softwares to Cleanup Disk

Hello Friends, Disk Cleanup Software is used for Cleanup your Hard Drive for a Stable, Safe and Crash Free PC, here i will post the free di...

Hello Friends,
Disk Cleanup Software is used for Cleanup your Hard Drive for a Stable, Safe and Crash Free PC, here i will post the free disk clean Up Software

CleanUp! :

CleanUp! is a powerful application that is easy to use and removes internet temporary files and deletes the temporary files from the  temporary folders. It cleans the the cache, history and any cookies – that Internet Explorer (versions 1.x-6.x), Netscape Navigator (3.x-7.x), Mozilla (1.x), Firefox (1.x) and Opera (2.x-7.x) creates.
The main features of Clean Up ! are listed below:-

  1. Removes the Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator, Mozilla, Firefox and Opera caches/History files.
  2. Removes the Recent Documents entry.
  3. Empties temporary files from the temporary directories.
  4. Cleans up various registry settings.
  5. The f Recycle Bin emptying feature is optional.
  6. You are enabled to enable/disable sound.
  7. New secure deletion of IE cookies, history and URL History.
  8. Supports for cleaning more than 4.2GB
  9. deletion of newsgroup cache feature is optional.
  10. It is a secure freeware.
Click here to download Clean Up !


Though CCleaner hasn’t been revised since Piriform launched it in the year 2004, but its the most liked cleaning software. So we can expect a major update in this software, In my point of view, if CCleaner goes through revision then it is going to incorporate impressive new tools in it. If you’re familiar with its previous versions then you’ll hardly find any differences between older CCleaners and the new one. But if we talk about the minor improvements include a new installer for 64-bit computers, and environment variables have been added for %SystemDirectory%, %SystemDirectory32%, and %SystemDirectory64%.

Click here to learn more. Free Download.

Disk Cleanup:

Its easy and user friendly user interface doesn’t requires advanced knowledge of computers to cleanup your computer. As Disk Cleanup specifically designed so it can be used by any users. This feature not only will this help you by protecting your privacy, but it will also free up your disk space,boosting up your system’s performance at peak. If your computer is used by other users then it is important to clean up your tracks so that confidential information is not left behind for others to view.
Main feature of Disk Cleanup:-
  1. Internet privacy and frees up disk space
  2. You can choose specific cleanups to perform, or easily “clean all” with one button click.
  3. Safely removes excess index files.
  4. Increases hard drive i/o speed.
  5. Cleans out registry entries.
  6. Removes index.dat files.
  7. Ability to remove locked files.
  8. Works even if multiple browsers are installed simultaneously.
  9. Safely cleans out java applets and all ActiveX controls left behind on your pc.
  10. Free technical help, directly from the author, for any questions you may have.
Click here to Download Disk Cleanup.

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