How To Approve Your Adsense Account

" How to Approve Your Adsense Account " ok so lets start ! step 1: sign up an account at Docstoc.com step 2: Go to your docs...

"How to Approve Your Adsense Account"
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ok so lets start !

step 1: sign up an account at Docstoc.com

step 2: Go to your docstoc profile page and Fill the profile information completely.

step 3: You can check the profile completeness above the profile page. If your profile completeness reaches above 90% then you can proceed. it is recommended that you should fill complete information in profile page.

step 4: Upload any documents with file types: doc, xls, ppt, pdf, rtf, txt, docx, xlsx, ppts (check Supported file types)

step 5: Upload atleast 12 documents.

step 6: Go to doccash page and click apply for adsense account.

step 7: You get an email verification mail and go through the link.

step 8: Then you get an mail for application fill up. Go to that link and fill the application.

step 9: After filling the application you get the message that your "Your application will be reveiwed and replied soon in 1-2 days".

step 10: Happy Earning.

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