Decrypting - For Beginners!-TUT

For those yet to understand how to decrypt simple passwords!
Note: You will always be given a 'Password' to decrypt:

Password example:

UOlJd9PLYzPGaORV1WNfPcWVxrizoxPzUxJdXdPLYzPJbr+z1W NfPcMmYzkzoxPzUxJKBuPLYzPJbr+1​1WNfPcWV5=HzoxPzUxJ dBuPLYzPJbW1V1WNfPcMmUrizoxPzUOlhd9PLYzPGavPV1WNfP cMmLzHzoxPz​UxirBdPLYzPJbWX71WNfPcWV5dZzoxPzUOlfPF PLYzPJbFYA1WNfPcWV5=pzoxPzUOlfB9PLYzPJbexF​YfvzoxP zUOlhXuPLYzPGaORM1WNfPcWV5dZzoxPzUxJKBuPLYzPGaOpe1 WNfPcWVwd1nBdPLYzPGaOre​1WNfPcWV19nzoxPzUOlfXdPLYz PGaOWX1WNfPcWV5d0zoxPzUxJdX9PLYzPGaORA1WNfPcWV5=pz oxPz​UOlfB9PLYzPGaO371WNfPcMmU=pzoxPzUOlJbFPLYzPJb FY11WNfPcWV5=kzoxPzUxJKPFPLYzPGaOWX​1WNfPcWVxzpzox PzUOlJd9PLYzPGaO3e1WNfPcMmUrQzoxPzUxirB9PLYzPGaOWX 1WNfPcMmUF0zoxPz​UOlhd9PLYzPJbr+X1WNfPcWVxzvzoxPzU xJdB522

And how it was 'Encrypted';

Decryption example:

BASE-64 --> HAZZ-15 --> ZARA-128 --> TRIPO-5 --> ZONG22

Firstly, the reason users add protection to their downloadable files is because it stops people who are leachers. When such people download the files, they are generally the first to upload it to VirusTotal or a similar site or reupload it as their own work. Concequently this would result in the file being detected in no time at all, making it useless. Thus if you are new or are a leacher please don't do anything to sabotage others work.

Now on to the Tute.
To decrypt a given password, you need to:

Step 1) Go to http://www.crypo.com/
Step 2) Scroll down to 'Encrypt or Decrypt message'.
Step 3) When decrypting you go from back to front. So examine the decryption example and notice the last decryption type is ZONG22.
Step 4) While looking at 'Encrypt or Decrypt message' on crypo.com, click on 'ZONG22 +'. Copy and paste in the password example provided and click decrypt.
Step 5) Now copy the new password given and scroll down to 'Decrypt online message' (NOT 'Encrypt or Decrypt message'). Click the next encryption type: TRIPO-5. Click Decrypt
Step 6) Repeat until you get to the final encryption type: BASE-64.

Note: If you get an 'error in decoding' message, just click ok and continue the steps.
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