1,700 Websites Defaced by Bangladeshi 3xp1r3 Cyber Army

Image posted by Bangladeshi hackers on 1,700 sites  
The “Bangladeshi Underground Hacking Team” known as 3xp1r3 Cyber Army have defaced more than 1,700 sites to protest against the Indian Border Security Force and their brutal ways.

“Now you are talking about [expletive] and General Mass killing there!!! Why don't you just look at your self ? see what the hell you did in Bangladesh at Border and other Countries? I'm against that mother [expletive] called BSF, and I'm against you too, ICA, remember that your father/family is one of us,” the hackers wrote on the defaced pages.

Sources tell us that the hackers managed to affect 1,700 sites by breaching an Indian server on April 24. For the mass defacement they utilized a tool they had developed, called 3xp1r3 AK 47.

The same source reveals that the collective relies on numerous tools made by its members in their operations.

At press time, all the sites still displayed the image, text and music posted by the hackers.
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