UK hacker jailed for stealing PayPal, banking data from MILLIONS

Edward Pearson (23 Years Aged Hacker) Sent To Jail For Stealing 8Million Customers Banking & PayPal Details

A 23 years aged hacker from UK named Edward Pearson has been sent to prison to pilfer eight million personal identities (ID fraud). Between January 1 2010 and August 30 2011, he used of malicious computer programs to get his hands on - wait for it - eight MILLION personal identities. According to report he used highly sophisticated cyber-weapons such as Zeus and SpyEye, to hunt down personal details on the Internet. 
One of his programs scanned through 200,000 accounts registered to online payment service PayPal - identifying names, passwords and current balances. Luckily, Pearson got caught after only making a £2,400 ($3,800 USD). The authorities estimate he could have walked away with as much as £800,000 ($1.3M USD).  Authorities were alerted to the problem when his 21-year-old girlfriend, Cassandra Mennim, used stolen credit cards to book rooms at the upmarket Cedar Court Grand and Lady Anne Middleton Hotels. Investigators looking into the case eventually identified him as G-Zero on hacking forms. Pearson has been jailed for 26 months, whilst girlfriend Cassandra Mennim admitted two counts of obtaining services dishonestly and was given 12 months’ supervision.
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