Israeli Bing, BBC, CNN, Coke, Amazon, CitiBank and Others Hacked by Pakistani Hackers

Shortly after the Anonymous activists declared cyber war on the Israeli websites, a Pakistani hacker group  also came forward in support of GAZA and defaced lot of high profile Israeli websites.

The hack was made by hackers going by the names 1337, H4x0rL1f3, ZombiE_KsA, and Invectus.

"The Notorious Hackers are Back "The defacement message reads. "Your war on Gaza will make you cry blood and let the next few days prove that to you ! ...." 

The affected sites includes MSN, Bing, Skype, XBOX, Intel, Live, CNN and more sites.

 Check below the list of all hacked websites:
  • blog.sprite.co.il
  • pm.parliament.co.il
  • blog.fanta.co.il
  • sprite.org.il
  • www.microsoftstore.co.il
  • intelatom.co.il
  • www.opel.co.il
  • philips.co.il
  • bing.co.il
  • bbc.org.il
  • pantene.co.il
  • paypass.co.il
  • amazonunbox.co.il
  • windowslive.co.il
  • windows.co.il
  • www.nbcuni.co.il
  • citibank.co.il
  • xbox360.co.il
  • www.xboxfusion.co.il
  • cocacola.co.il
  • coke.co.il
  • www.xboxignite.co.il
  • www.intelappup.co.il
  • www.intel.co.il
  • live.co.il
  • live.org.il
  • solarwinds.co.il
  • www.msn.co.il
  • passport.org.il
  • www.skype.co.il
  • www.msn.org.il
  • www.cnn.co.il
  • intelcore.co.il

Here is the Zone-H mirror of all defaced websites.
HACKING NEWS 2245487250456231784

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