Password cracking: A mega collection of password cracking word lists

On the internet you can find a lot of word lists that will help you to crack a password. But you will need a quality word list to get the job done. These word lists get provided by several penetration testing websites and communities. On several torrent websites you can find a lot of word lists.   Source :Cyberwarzone
Password cracking is the process of recovering passwords from data that has been stored in or transmitted by a computer system. A common approach is to repeatedly try guesses for the password. The purpose of password cracking might be to help a user recover a forgotten password (though installing an entirely new password is less of a security risk, but involves system administration privileges), to gain unauthorized access to a system, or as a preventive measure by system administrators to check for easily crackable passwords. On a file-by-file basis, password cracking is utilized to gain access to digital evidence for which a judge has allowed access but the particular file's access is restricted.

Default password list for Routers & Switches

A default password list for routers and switches. This list supplies the following tables:
Vendor, Model, Version, Acces Type, Username, Password, Priviliges and Notes.
Default password list: http://www.phenoelit-us.org/dpl/dpl.html

Outpost9 Word List

dictbig.zip Large word dictionary 322K Unzipped
norm&r.zip Same as dictbig.zip + all entries reversed 644K Unzipped
oneup&r.zip Same as norm&r.zip with first leter uppercase 644K Unzipped
allup&r.zip Same as norm&r.zip except everything is uppercase 644K Unzipped
names.zip Very large list of names 228K Unzipped
ASSurnames.zip List of Sur Names .7K zipped
Antworth.zip 249K zipped
Congress.zip Congress Names & words 2K zipped
Dosref.zip Dos Refrence words 2K zipped
Family-Names.zip Family Names 46K zipped
Given-Names.zip List of Given Names 23K zipped
Jargon.zip List of words taken from the Jaron file 32K zipped
Unabr.dict.zip Words from Unabridged dictionary 689K zipped
actor-givenname.zip Actor's given names 25K zipped
actor-surname.zip Actor Sur-Names 60K zipped
afr_dbf.zip 424K zipped
chinese.zip Chinese words 1K zipped
cis-givennames.zip 28K zipped
cis-surname.zip 127K zipped
common-passwords.zip List of most common passwords 2K zipped
crl-names.zip 144K zipped
dic-0294.zip Really BIG Dictionary list! 3283K zipped
etc-hosts.zip Host names 45K zipped
female-names.zip List of female names 12K zipped
givennames-ol.zip 13K zipped
kjbible.zip List of words and names from the King James Bible 37K zipped
language-list.zip Language list 6K zipped
male-names.zip List of male names 10K zipped
movi-characters.zip List of movie character names 81K zipped
other-names.zip Misc names 18K zipped
oz.zip Yes OZ 6K zipped
d8.zip Very very good all around word list. Covers a lot 750K Unzipped

Wordlist Downloads

  1. HashKiller
  2. HashKiller AIO
  3. InsidePro
  4. APassCracker
  5. Openwall
  6. ftp.ox.ac.uk
  7. GDataOnline
  8. Cerias.Purdue
  9. Outpost9
  10. VulnerabilityAssessment
  11. PacketStormSecurity
  12. ai.uga.edu-moby
  13. cotse1
  14. cotse2
  15. VXChaos
  16. Wikipedia-wordlist-Sraveau
  17. CrackLib-words
  18. SkullSecurity
  19. Rapidshare-Wordlist.rar
  20. Megaupload-birthdates.rar
  21. Megaupload-default-001.rar
  22. Megaupload-BIG-WPA-LIST-1.rar
  23. Megaupload-BIG-WPA-LIST-2.rar
  24. Megaupload-BIG-WPA-LIST-3.rar
  25. WPA-PSK-WORDLIST-40-MB-rar
  26. WPA-PSK-WORDLIST-2-107-MB-rar
  27. Article7
  28. Rapidshare-Bender-ILLIST
  29. Rohitab
  30. Naxxatoe-dict-total-new-unsorted
  31. DiabloHorn-wordlists-sorted
  32. Bright-Shadows
  33. MIT.edu/~ecprice
  34. NeutronSite
  35. ArtofHacking
  36. CS.Princeton
  37. textfiles-suzybatari2
  38. labs.mininova-wordmatch
  39. BellSouthpwp
  40. Doz.org.uk
  41. ics.uci.edu/~kay
  42. inf.unideb.hu/~jeszy
  43. openDS
  44. sslmit.unibo.it/~dsmiraglio
  45. informatik.uni-leipzig-vn_words.zip
  46. cis.hut.fi
  47. Wordlist.sf.cz
  48. john.cs.olemiss.edu/~sbs
  49. Void.Cyberpunk
  50. CoyoteCult
  51. andre.facadecomputer
  52. aurora.rg.iupui.edu/~schadow
  53. cs.bilkent.edu.tr/~ccelik
  54. broncgeeks.billings.k12.mt.us/vlong
  55. IHTeam
  56. Leetupload-Word Lists
  57. Offensive-Security WPA Rainbow Tables Password List
  58. depositfiles/1z1ipsqi3
  59. MD5Decrypter/Passwords
  60. depositfiles/qdcs7nv7x
  61. ftp.fu-berlin.de
  62. Rapidshare.com/Wordlist.rar
  63. Rapidshare.com/Password.zip
  64. Megaupload/V0X4Y9NE
  65. Megaupload/0UAUNNGT
  66. Megaupload/1UA8QMCN
  67. md5.Hamaney/happybirthdaytoeq.txt
  68. sites.Google.com/ReusableSec
  69. Megaupload.com/SNK18CU0
  70. Hotfile.com/Wordlists-20031009-iso.zip
  71. Rapidshare.com/Wordlist_do_h4tinho.zip
  72. Rapidshare.com/pass50.rar
  73. Skullsecurity.org/fbdata.torrent
  74. Uber.7z
  75. freqsort_dictionary.txt
  76. SXDictionaries.zip
  77. Hackerzlair
  78. Circlemud
  79. Leetupload.com/WordLists
    Passwords: to0l-base, zmetex, mrdel2000
  80. Rapidshare.com/BIG_PASSWORD_LIST.rar
  81. Rapidshare.com/dictionaries-vince213333.part01.rar
  82. Rapidshare.com/dictionaries-vince213333.part02.rar
  83. Rapidshare.com/dictionaries-vince213333.part03.rar
  84. Rapidshare.com/Wordlist_Compilation.part1.rar
  85. Rapidshare.com/Wordlist_Compilation.part2.rar
  86. Rapidshare.com/Wordlist_Compilation.part3.rar
  87. Rapidshare.com/Wordlist_Compilation.part4.rar
  88. Rapidshare.com-word.lst.s.u.john.s.u.200.part01.rar
  89. Rapidshare.com-word.lst.s.u.john.s.u.200.part02.rar
  90. Rapidshare.com-word.lst.s.u.john.s.u.200.part03.rar
  91. Rapidshare-Purehates_word_list.part1.rar
  92. Rapidshare-Purehates_word_list.part2.rar
  93. Rapidshare-Purehates_word_list.part3.rar
  94. Rapidshare-Purehates_word_list.part4.rar
  95. Rapidshare-Purehates_word_list.part5.rar
  96. Rapidshare-_Xploitz_-_Master_Password_Collection.part1.rar
    Pass: http://forums.remote-exploit.org/
  97. Rapidshare-_Xploitz_-_Master_Password_Collection.part2.rar
    Pass: http://forums.remote-exploit.org/
  98. Rapidshare-_Xploitz_-_Master_Password_Collection.part3.rar
    Pass: http://forums.remote-exploit.org/
  99. Rapidshare-_Xploitz_-_Master_Password_Collection.part4.rar
    Pass: http://forums.remote-exploit.org/
  100. Rapidshare-_Xploitz_-_Master_Password_Collection.part5.rar
     Pass: http://forums.remote-exploit.org/
  101. Rapidshare-_Xploitz_-_Master_Password_Collection.part6.rar
     Pass: http://forums.remote-exploit.org/
  102. Rapidshare-_Xploitz_-_Master_Password_Collection.part7.rar
    Pass: http://forums.remote-exploit.org/
  103. Rapidshare-_Xploitz_-_PASSWORD_DVD.part01.rar
    Pass: http://forums.remote-exploit.org/
  104. Rapidshare-_Xploitz_-_PASSWORD_DVD.part02.rar
    Pass: http://forums.remote-exploit.org/
  105. Rapidshare-_Xploitz_-_PASSWORD_DVD.part03.rar
    Pass: http://forums.remote-exploit.org/
  106. Rapidshare-_Xploitz_-_PASSWORD_DVD.part04.rar
    Pass: http://forums.remote-exploit.org/
  107. Rapidshare-_Xploitz_-_PASSWORD_DVD.part05.rar
    Pass: http://forums.remote-exploit.org/
  108. Rapidshare-_Xploitz_-_PASSWORD_DVD.part06.rar
    Pass: http://forums.remote-exploit.org/
  109. Rapidshare-_Xploitz_-_PASSWORD_DVD.part07.rar
    Pass: http://forums.remote-exploit.org/

Online Hash Crackers

Cracker Hashes
Tobtu 50,529,455,839
TMTO 36,436,233,567
MD5Decrypter(uk) 8,700,000,000
OnlineHashCrack 5,211,644,250
AuthSecu 500,000,000
Gat3way 458,000,000
MD5this 400,000,000
NetMD5crack 171,392,210
Kalkulators 100,000,000
Rednoize 76,834,449
Gromweb 45,543,530
hash-cracker.com 40,000,000
Crackfoo -NNC 38,227,555
MD5Rainbow 33,517,066
Digitalsun 31,000,000
Hashcrack 30,654,899
Sans 20,264,963
Crackfor.me 16,173,854
MD5-lookup 8,796,772
MD5decrypter 8,103,123
MD5-db 5,500,000
MD5-decrypter 3,400,000
HashCracking.ru 3,585,150
Shalla 2,218,319
Hash-Database 1,635,062
MD5decryption 1,300,000
agilobable.pl 1,131,017
Drasen 568,064
MD5finder 429,477
MD5pass 327,497
Bokehman 230,000
Shell-Storm 154,994
Xanadrel 104,209
Joomlaaa 23,469
Appspot Multi
Noisette Multi
MD5crack Multi
Kinginfet Multi
Benramsey Multi
VHCTeam ?
Hack-Shop ?
Longgie ?
RAH-Labs ?
rusuh.us ?
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Anqel ?
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web-security-services ?
MD5online ?
MD5.my-addr ?
C0llision ?
MD5hood ?
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TheKaine ?
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Cracker Hashes
MD5decrypter(uk) 8,700,000,000
OnlineHashCrack 5,211,644,250
hash-cracker.com 40,000,000
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Cracker Hashes
OnlineHashCrack 5,211,644,250
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Cracker Hashes
MD5Decrypter(uk) 8,700,000,000
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hash-cracker.com 40,000,000
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SHA1-Lookup 18,949,380
HashCracking.ru 3,585,150
Hash-Database 1,635,065
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Cracker Hashes
Hash-Database 1,635,067
Shalla 1,143,472
Cracker Hashes
OnlineHashCrack 5,211,644,250
Hashcrack 30,654,899
HashCracking.ru 3,585,150
CMD5 ?

downloads 1052714805579322433

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