HTTPS Everywhere

HTTPS Everywhere Normally when you browse the web, you use the HTTP protocol. When using HTTP, the communication made between...

HTTPS Everywhere

Normally when you browse the web, you use the HTTP protocol. When using HTTP, the communication made between you and the web site (web server) is not protected. If some one manage to tap the communication, he can listen silently. If you send your user-names and passwords with this protocol, an attacker can grab them!
But, if you use the HTTPS protocol, everything that leaves your machine and everything you receive from the web site will be encrypted. So, even if some one managed to listen, he won’t be able to get your data!
Recently sites like Google, Facebook and Twitter started introducing HTTPS in their sites. In some services, you have to specifically opt in to use encryption. For example, to use Google with HTTPS, you have to specifically point your browser to https://www.google.com. Oh, that’s too much work! What if some one turn on HTTPS automatically?
That’s what this plugin will do. HTTPS Everywhere is a really cool plugin which will enable HTTPS where ever available. Currently, it can recognize about 1,400 major sites and turn on encryption. With the latest release, now this plugin can check the SSL certificate for security flaws. Even if the site encrypts data, it still can have flaws. Now you don’t have to worry much about them. If you are a Firefox user, you can go to plugin settings (Click on the plugin icon located on the top right corner of the browser) and enable SSL observatory to get this functionality.

They have just released the Chrome version of their plugin but still its in beta stage. You won’t get SSL observatory with it. But still it can turn on HTTPS for you.
Before you use this plugin, remember one thing… HTTPS encrypts the data. So, it have to send more data between you and the server than the normal protocol. So, it is a bit slow. Sometimes, you won’t recognize it but some times, you will. But, it won’t be a problem if you shut your eye and dream about a hacker stealing all your passwords when they travel through an un encrypted channel! So, what do you think about this plugin? Will you use it? Don’t forget to leave a comment!
You can install the plugin for Google Chrome or Firefox from here : https://www.eff.org/https-everywhere

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