Wikileaks Exposed Swiss bank Indian Account Details : Black Money

Now these days IAC, India Against Corruption movement by Indian People with Anna Hazare who is considered to be leader of this movement is o...

Now these days IAC, India Against Corruption movement by Indian People with Anna Hazare who is considered to be leader of this movement is on full mood to destroy the corruption by passing Jan LokPal Bill. It is needed as corruption in India is on peak from last few years its destroying people by hiking prices of basic needs/ resources like petrol, gas, food etc.Not even that people of India also faces many other problems like Not providing Houses as per scheme, corruption in housing schemes, corruption in developement of cities and villages.These things are just because of corrupted people who are still surviving in Government of India. whether he/she is clerk or MP or MLA or Corrupt Officer.  Everywhere and everybody is corrupted just because there is no such strict action against corruption by law.So , to destroy this black mark on India Anna and the People of India supporting Jan LokPal Bill and they just want that Govt of India should pass this Jan lokpal bill to completely destroy corruption and corrupted People from system.

What is Jan LokPal Bill ?

The Lokpal will be a three-member body with a chairperson who is or was a  chief justice or Supreme Court judge, and two members who are or have been high courts judges or chief justices.
Implementation of the Lokpal bill will hopefully reduce corruption in  
The basic idea of the Lokpal is borrowed from the office of the ombudsman in  other countries. It provides for filing complaints of corruption against the prime minister , other ministers and members of parliament with the ombudsman. Anyone, except for a public servant , can file a complaint and the Lokpal has to complete the inquiry within six months.

The Jan Lokpal Bill envisages the following to decrease, and ultimately remove corruption from the country. 

1. An institution called Lokpal at the centre and Lokayukta in each state will be set up.

2. Like the Supreme Court and Election Commission, they will be completely independent of governments. No minister or bureaucrat will be able to influence their investigations.3. Cases against corrupt people will not linger on for years anymore. Investigations in any case will have to be completed in one year. Trial should be completed in the next one year so that the corrupt politician, officer or judge is sent to jail within two years.4. The loss that a corrupt person caused to the government will be recovered at the time of conviction.5. If any work of any citizen is not done in prescribed time in any government office, Lokpal will impose financial penalty on guilty officers. The penalty will be given as compensation to the complainant.
A citizen can approach Lokpal if his ration card, passport or voter card is not being made or if police is not registering his case or any other work is not being done in prescribed time.
Lokpal will have to get it done in a month’s time. You could also report any case of corruption to Lokpal such as ration being siphoned off, poor quality roads being constructed or panchayat funds being siphoned off.
Lokpal will have to complete its investigations in a year, trial will be over in next one year and the guilty will go to jail within two years.

6. There are also safeguards against the government appointing corrupt and weak people as Lokpal members. This won’t be possible because its members will be selected by judges, citizens and constitutional authorities, and not by politicians - through a completely transparent and participatory process.

7. Action will be taken if some officer in Lokpal becomes corrupt. The entire functioning of Lokpal/ Lokayukta will be completely transparent. Any complaint against any officer of Lokpal shall be investigated and the guilty officer dismissed within two months.

8. The Jan Lokpal Bill will appropriate existing anti-corruption agencies. CVC, departmental vigilance and anti-corruption branches of CBI will be merged into Lokpal. Lokpal will have complete powers and machinery to independently investigate and prosecute any officer, judge or politician.

9. It will also be the duty of the Lokpal to provide protection to those who are being victimized for raising their voice against corrupts

The Jan Lokpal Bill will make costs and penalties of corruption prohibitive for those who are caught in corrupt practices. The Bill provides a methodical, transparent, and fair

Wikileaks  List of Indian people having account in Swiss Bank :

The Image with wikileaks header bearing the photo of Julian Assange and the Data about the names of individual having black money doesn't belong to The World Reporter. The source of the image is still incognito and the verification is under process.This image has been in circulation on various social networking sites and Emails. The article takes its base from this source. Although yes, it was informed that the complete list of Indian account holders was posted on August 2nd on IP on port 9999 and not on wikileaks main website which was blocked soon.

It's true that nothing can be said about the authenticity of the names and data in the image above as we are not able to access the IP with the mention port which was supposed to be accessed using an IRC chat client. According to Wikileaks official facebook page the above image is fake and Wikileaks never published such report though they have the real report still with them unpublished.

1. Lalu Prasad Yadav

Ex Minister of Railways Government of India
MP-Lok Sabha
Constituency Saran (Bihar)

2. A Raja

He was a member of the 15th Lok Sabha representing the Nilgiris constituency of Tamil Nadu.
In 2007, he became Union Cabinet Minister for Communications and Information Technology. On being re-elected in 2009 he was again appointed Cabinet Minister for Communications and Information Technology until being tainted in the 2G spectrum scam and resigning in 2010.

3. Karunanidhi

15th Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu
In office
May 13, 2006 – May 15, 2011

4. Sarad Pawar :
Minister of Consumer Affairs, Food and Public Distribution
In office

5. Suresh Kalmadi
is an Indian politician and senior sports administrator. He was formerly a member of the Indian National Congress. He is a Member of Parliament from Pune.
On April 25, 2011 Kalmadi was arrested by CBI for awarding illegal contracts to a Swiss firm for Timing-Scoring-Result (TSR) system for the 2010 Commonwealth Games causing a loss of Rs 95 crore to the exchequer.

6. Rajiv Gandhi

6th Prime Minister of India
In office
31 October 1984 – 2 December 1989
He took office after his mother's assassination on 31 October 1984; he himself was assassinated on 21 May 1991. He became the youngest Prime Minister of India when he took office at the age of 40.Rajiv Gandhi was the elder son of Indira and Feroze Gandhi. He was educated at Cambridge, where he met Italian-born Sonia Gandhi, whom he later married. After Cambridge, he became a professional pilot for Indian Airlines.

7. Harshad mehta

was an Indian stockbroker. He is alleged to have engineered the rise in the BSE stock exchange in 1992. Exploiting several loopholes in the banking system, Metha and his associates siphoned off funds from inter-bank transactions and bought shares heavily at a premium across many segments, triggering a rise in the Sensex. When the scheme was exposed, banks started demanding their money back, causing the collapse. He was later charged with 72 criminal offenses, and more than 600 civil action suits were filed against him. Mehta died in 2002 with many litigations still pending against him.

8. Niira radia
Corporate lobbyist Niira Radia, in middle of the 2G spectrum scam, is owner of
Vaishnavi Corporate Communications and three other PR firms. Kenya-born and
London-educated Radia, said to be in her fifties, moved to London from Kenya in
the 1970s and schooled at the elite school

is an Indian politician belonging to the Scindia family of Gwalior. He is also a member of the 15th Lok Sabha of India representing the Indian National Congress and a Minister of State, Ministry of Commerce and Industry

10. Naresh Goyal
Residence Mumbai
Nationality Indian
Occupation Chairman of Jet Airways

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