How to be Safe on Social Networking Sites!!

This tuts is For noobs: So, guys i see many Tuts and Threads relating " How to Hack Facebook, Myspace, Orkut n etc." !! So, i...

This tuts is For noobs:
So, guys i see many Tuts and Threads relating " How to Hack Facebook, Myspace, Orkut n etc." !! So, i guess some of you are Freaked out, if u might be one of the Slave. But dont worry guys!! We here not only teach you how to Hack but also Teach you "How to be safe From Hackers" in other words not be a Slave of those Hackers!!

As all most all u guys most have seen the Threads relating Hacking Social Networks Sites. So all you Guys most now Know that These sites cant be Hacked as it has the MOST ADVANCED SECURITY PATCHES in it!! But u can steal the password of Users involved in the Sites!! So lets start with the Types Of STEALING IN SOCIAL NETWORK:

1) Phishing : Very old technique but quite effective n the most successful and the easiest way of stealing or u can say tricking USERS to get their USERNAME and PASSWORDS!! The way to do it is u create ur own FAKE LOGIN PAGE and send them to the Users u want to Hack!! So when they Fill the login Tabs, the password n username will be send to you!! To learn more about and to learn about Phishing

[u]HOW TO BE SAFE FROM PHISHING PAGE:[/u] Its just so clear, dont login to the pages u r not Familiar with!! Your friends or scammers may send u Those Fake LOGIN PAGE by making some Attractive offers!! In simple Dont login in any other sites or pages use the Approved login page to login!! For eg: To login in Facebook Type "www.facebook.com" dont login through any other Links than that or links provided by other!!
These days there r some new techniques of Phishing called Tab-Napping

2) Social Engineering : The best way to hack someone who u know very well!! Its done by answering the secret Questions the alternative way to access to ur accounts!! The hackers go to the Forgot password option, answer the security question then change the password from there!!

HOW TO BE SAFE FROM SOCIAL ENGINEERING : Its damn easy all u got to do is make your secret answers unanswerable like type whatever u like and forget it!! IF u think u are likely to forgot your password then.......jst be more clever on ur answer and be sure that u dont reveal to ur Friends or Hackers!!

3) Keylogging, Istealer:
These are the most dangerous spyware i have ever seen!! It not only steals ur Social Network password but steal everything n every detail of your networking history!! In this process hackers usually attach keyloggers n other spyware to other different attractive softwares so when u download n Install them those spywares too are installed on ur Computer and all your vital data are tracked and all information are sent to the Hackers!!

HOW TO BE SAFE FROM KEYLOGGING and ISTEALER : For this i just have two answers, 1) keep ur antivirus and security features updated!! 2) Never ever download softwares n files from Untrusted sites or source!!

4) Primary email address hack :
So, its quite similar to social engineering, hackers hack the email address affiliated to ur social network Accounts, and they send a password change request and then an email is sent to the email address!! So when u have access to victims email address u can definately change their social network password without any difficulties!!

HOW TO BE SAFE FROM PRIMARY email ADDRESS HACK : For this u need to protect ur affiliated email address!! Dont say ur email id password to any one!! Keep ur secret question very private!! And make ur ID invisible in ur Socail Network Site!!

5) Bruteforcing: This is done through several bruteforcing softwares!! These software are given a list of password and they try each passwords unless u r account is Cracked!! As social network sites as now has a Human verification Security so its quite uneffective these days!!

HOW TO BE SAFE FROM BRUTEFORCING : For this ther is only one method.....and that is to keep your password very unique so that it cant be compilied to the list of password given for Bruteforcing!!

Ok guys these are some basic security tips!! If u follow these properly 90% of chances is reduced of being Hacked!!

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