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cyb3r-sh3ll - Is a advanced PHP shell with some unique features like Cpanel Cracker , Port Scanner, Security Scanner, Proxy, Whois,Dictionary Maker and Hash Cracker.

cyb3r-sh3ll is a hybrid version of all most powerfull shells. cyb3r-sh3ll has around 40 distinct features and yet to be updated in next versions. This shell has immense capabilities and have been written with some concepts and tools in mind, which are mostly required during penetration testing.
More information about cyb3r-sh3ll on the official website here. Download cyb3r-sh3ll here


  • Platform Independent
  • Shell
  • Encoder (md5,crypt, sha1, crc32, url(encode/decode), base_64(encodr/decoder), dec2hex )
  • Cracker (Hash, SMTP, POP3, IMAP, FTP, SNMP, MySQL, HTTP Form, HTTP Basic, Cpanel)
  • Dictionary Maker
  • Port Scanner
  • NS Lookup
  • Security Scanner
  • List of Processes
  • Full Server Info (CPU Info, Username, OS, Disk Drive Info, etc..)
  • Automatic Exploit Searching
  • Proxy
  • WhoIs
  • SQL Administration
  • PHP Code Evaluater
  • Mass Code Injector (Appender and Overwriter)
  • PHP Obfuscator
  • Web-Server Fuzzer
  • Mass Mailer
  • Mail Bomber (With Less Spam detection feature)
  • Anonymous Mailer with Attachment
  • PHP Safe Mode By-Passer
  • PHP DOSer
  • Good Design
  • Secure Login
  • Sites on Local Sever
  • File Deletion
  • Bind Shell
  • Back Connect
  • Rename Files
  • Encoded Title
  • Traceback (Email Alerts)
  • Better Command Execution
  • Lock Mode Customisation
  • PHP Encoder/Decoder
  • Anti-Crawler Feature
  • Python & C Bind-Shell
  • Self Remover

Ani-Shell - Is a PHP remote shell, basically used for remote access and security pen testing. Ani-Shell provides a robust and a basic interface to access the file system, do some networking tweaks and even test your server for some common security vulnerabilities.

The developer has tried to follow a coding standard which makes the code a little clean and easier to understand, Note: How you use this shell is exactly on you, and author pays no responsibility for what you use it for and what may be the consequences.
More information about Ani-Shell on the official website here. Download Ani-Shell here


  • Shell
  • Mass Mailer
  • DDos
  • Web-Server Fuzzer
  • Uploader
  • Design
  • Login
  • Mass Code Injector (Appender and Overwriter)
  • Encoded Title
  • Back Connect
  • Bind Shell
  • Lock Mode Customisable
  • Tracebacks (email alerts)
  • PHP Evaluate
  • PHP MD5 Cracker
  • Anti-Crawler
  • Mass Deface

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