Pro RAT Tutorial

Pro RAT Tutorial :) In this Tutorial i will show you that how to Config A Rat Tool Called ProRAT Lets Start 1. Download the P...

Pro RAT Tutorial :)
In this Tutorial i will show you that how to Config A Rat Tool Called ProRAT
Lets Start
1. Download the ProRAt from : http://www.prorat.net/downloads.php
Once it downloaded right click on that Zip file and Select Extract Here and it will ask for Password
the password is "pro".
2.Double Click ProRat.exe then you will see something like this

[Image: 1st.gif]
3.Now we will create a Trojan File. Click on Create And Select Create ProRAT Server
[Image: 2ndf.gif]

4.Now Put your WAN Ip address so the server could connect to you.if you don't know your wan ip address just simply click on that [RED] Arrow button. Next put in your e-mail address so that when your Slave get infected it will send you a message.
And just leave the rest of the option.
[Image: 3rd.gif]

5.Now click on General Setting Button . Now here we will choose the server port the program will connect through it, the password you will be ask you to enter when the Slave is infected and you want to connect with them, and the last Slave name.Now if you can see all the option in General Setting you will see that it have ability to disable the firewall and hide itself in from being displayed in taskmanager.
[Image: 302tnvk.gif]
6.Now Click on Bind with with File Button. Here you will have the option to bind the trojan server file with another file.
Note : A trojan can only be executed if a human runs it.
So by binding it with a legitimate file like a text document or any stuff, the chances of someone clicking it go up. Check the bind server with a file and select a file to bind it to. In the example I will use an ordinary text document.
[Image: 5th.gif][Image: 6thc.gif]

7. Now click on the Server Extensions button. Here you choose what kind of server file to generate. I will stick with the default because it has icon support, but exe’s looks suspicious so it would be smart to change it.

[Image: 7th.gif]

8.Now click on Server Icon Button. Now Here you will see some icons next choose an icon for your server file to have. The icons help mask what the file actually is. For my example I will choose the regular text document icon since my file is a text document.

[Image: 21o7cyq.gif]
9.Finally click on Create Server to, you guessed it, create the server file. and go in ProRAT Folder and there is what my server file looks like
[Image: 9tho.gif]
10. A hacker would probably rename it to something like “Xp Trick” and send it as an attachment to some people. A hacker could also put it up as a torrent pretending it is something else, like the latest game that just came out so he could get people to download it.
11. Now, I will show you what happens when a Slave installs the server onto his computer and what the hacker could do next.
12. I’m going to run the server on my own computer to show you what would happen. Once I run it the trojan will be installed onto my computer in the background. The hacker would then get a message telling him that I was infected. He would then connect to my computer by typing in my IP address, port and clicking Connect. He will be asked for the password that he made when he created the server. Once he types it in, he will be connected to my computer and have full control over it.

[Image: 16ixpb4.gif][Image: 16ixpb4.gif]

13. Now the hacker has a lot of options to choose from as you can see on the right. He has access to all my computer files, he can shut down my pc, get all the saved passwords off my computer, send a message to my computer, format my whole hard drive, take a screen shot of my computer, and so much more. Below I’ll show you a few examples.
[Image: 11th.gif][img]
14. The image below shows the message I would get on my screen if the hacker chose to message me.[/img]
[Image: 12th.gif]
15. Below is an image of my task bar after the hacker clicks on Hide Start Button.
[Image: 13thb.gif]
16. Below is an image of what the hacker would see if he choose to take a screen shot of the victims screen.
[Image: 14th.gif]
i hope this Tutorial makes you understand what is an RAT is And How it works     

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