WikiLeaks Launched Wlfriends.org - New Encrypted Social Network

Everybody’s favourite whistle-blowing organisation has branched out into social. WikiLeaks has just launched Friends of WikiLeaks (FoWL), an encrypted network, which it says is aimed at supporting anyone aligned with its goals and philosophies.
According to the site’s welcome page, FoWL:
is a network of people from across the globe who defend WikiLeaks, its people, its alleged sources and its mission. We publicly and privately promote WikiLeaks and individuals and organisations aligned with the mission of WikiLeaks. This site will help you to join with people like you in your area and across the world. You will make new friends and new allies, care for treasured values and fight in common cause.
The purpose of FoWL, it says, is to “provide support (be it material, publicity, or other forms of solidarity) to any individual, organisation or agency that finds itself in peril as a result of conveying information to the public with the purpose of achieving a more just society”.
Although this offer of support refers primarily to WikiLeaks “and those who submit to WikiLeaks”, the organisation claims that it “extends to any other collective who shares the beliefs and values of WikiLeaks and who finds itself at risk of retribution as a result of pursuing such values”.

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