Nessus vulnerability scanner 5.0.2 update

 The Nessus Project aims to provide to the internet community a free, powerful, up-to-date and easy to use remote security scanner. A security scanner is a software which will audit remotely a given network.Nessus is the world’s most widely-deployed vulnerability and configuration assessment product

 Official change log for Nessus 5.0.2:

  • UTF8 encoding problems would sometimes cause the generation of reports to fail ;
  • Fixed a case where generating some compliance checks reports would cause the scanner to hang, using 100% of the CPU ;
  • Resolved a resource leak issue occurring when a large number of different users are connected at the same time ;
  • Network congestion errors are now detected more conservatively ;
  • Upgraded libxml2, libxslt, openssl to their newest versions ;
  • Some nessusd.rules directives were not honored by the port scanners ;
  • Solaris 10 build ;
Other fixes:
  • Smarter max_hosts and global.max_hosts defaults
  • Added support for named virtual hosts for IPv6
  • Fixed a memory leak when mixing IPv4 and IPv6 targets
  • Fixed the systemd control script (Fedora 16)
  • Fixed a crash in nessus-mkcert on the command-line (Win32)
  • Fixed a crash in localtime(), when passed an invalid argument (Win32)
  • Fixed scratchpad_query() to allow NULL arguments
  • PSSDK fix (Win32)

Download Nessus:

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