Guy Fawkes Day start with Hack of 28,000 Paypal Accounts

The hacking group Anonymous has made the day of 5th November a pretty exciting day with their activities better given as ‘hacktivities’ as they have chosen it as a global day of protest. The day which is celebrated as the Guy Fawkes Day has surely been the most memorable in many decades and surely given fitting tribute to the legendary revolutionary, which is natural since they have adopted the Guy Fawkes mask as a mark of anonymity and a symbol for its global social crusade against corruption and injustice. The Anonymous celebrated the day by bringing many heavyweight sites down and unleashing a series of attacks, all within a single day and other hackers were not behind in joining Anonymous. The sites brought down were the NBC Sports Rotoworld Forum and NBC Mobile, Symantec along with the fansite of Lady Gaga.

Guy Fawkes Day start with Hack of 28,000 Paypal Accounts
However, the Anonymous started the Guy Fawkes Day with the hacking of a PayPal server and some 28,000 PayPal accounts in the process. The Anonymous announced the hack on Twitter, in the tweet by AnonymousPress “Paypal hacked by Anonymous as part of our November 5th protest privatepaste.com/e8d3b2b2b1 #5Nov” (File removed now).   The private paste document contains some 27,395 entries from the payment service database table “mc_customers”, and it consists of encrypted passwords, names, emails, and corresponding phone numbers and the file was removed later on. This is one of the bigger PayPal hacks in the recent times and surely Anonymous chose a good target to start the day.
The chief of Public relations at PayPal has however denied any reports of a security breach and tweeted that they were investigating the claim but do not have any proof so far of the fact that their accounts have been hacked. In any case PayPal users are surely hoping that this has been an empty threat and their accounts are safe. Well, they are advised to check that by logging into their accounts to check the same. Moreover, according to the most recent update PayPal has responded with the statement, “It appears that the exploit was not directed at PayPal after all, it was directed at a company called ZPanel. The original story that started this and was retweeted by some of the Anonymous Twitter handles has now been updated.
This statement is surely a good thing for the many PayPal users and hopefully PayPal has not been affected in this cyber attack.
This is the manner in which the Anonymous started their Guy Fawkes Day and  there are many other activities which they have lined up for the day which included a Public protest at the British parliament and the White House. They had also threatened with a large scale attack on Facebook and the gaming giant Zynga. Well, there has been no malicious activity as of now as far as these two sites are concerned, but many other sites have been affected. However, this was to be expected as Anonymous had made it clear that they would make 5th November a day of protest and they surely have made their point clearly.
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